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poniedziałek, 23 listopada 2009 0:01
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Bedding (pościel) from the calico is subtle and silky to the touch. lovely colors and fashionable appearance. Satin Bedding is manufactured from high quality combed yarns, which make the material has a beautiful color, attractive appearance and softness. Designed weave fabric gives it a shine. It is made from 100% cotton. Clear and modern form, and intriguing colors will cause the bedding will be composing a fabulously tasteful bedroom.

Good quality sets of bed linen must be washed before use. Before insertion into the washing machine due to fasten buttons or locks, which stop to get into the inside of different objects and reduce the danger of bursting. Linen we translate to the left. This will reduce the so-called. wiping with a formula. From time to time sheets (pościele) can be washed by putting it in the washing machine on the right side. This will prevent the collection of the shreds in the recesses of the material, etc. must not forget that the linen color with the use of detergents to wash the color, and the only white knitted white powders. Also extremely important is the temperature of the money given by the manufacturer. This information must be indicated on the package price marks sheets or sewn in the material. After centrifugation and washing bedding pulling the fluff and you hang in a ventilated area. If the bedding we neglect, repay to us the long-term maintenance prześlicznego design and good quality.

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